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Camden Drag Race 14-12-14

Kester Johnson

First off, it has been 5+ years that i have not been behind a wheel if a car at a drag strip, before this...

I have to congratulate Annand on his First Place in the 15-14 second bracket races and with a best time of 15.0. Very well done, "we are the head and not the tail".

I will like to thank Neil Tulla OF Couva Pham for let Pilot is EK. My times started at 15.6 down to 14.0 with no traction in first, and a lot of backing off at the end and 10 PSI in all gears. Note that i did not enter competition. I just wanted to see if i still had it. 



Thanks to Jonathan Ali, for transport, and to his dad, for a best Beef Roti, even if it had pepper, i still eat it. That is now best it was. Jonathan AKA (Simiman) only has a beast in the making, but more on that later. The boys of the Back Yard Special, these guys are the ones who really "Drag"ed me out to this event. To the guys in the group that was there for the first time, don't make it your last. Leslie Varune Rambaran, Marc Paragsingh, Nadeem S. Khan, Nadeem S. Khan, Vinda Neil B (glad man), Ravin R Rampersad and Darien Richardson (Phototakerouter man), it was great seeing you guys do your thing.

And to Garage4... Jason Jason Jason...

Fastest Honda "full stop" 10.9sec

i don't need to say more


Till the next one...