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Jerome Gafoor Honda Civic EG5 GP3/Time Attack

Kester Johnson

Words from our Driver:


Sometimes, you go back to your old ways to move forward, 2019 is my year to go back.


From 2010 I committed a lot of my time, energy and other personal resources into the sport of model car racing in Trinidad & Tobago. This commitment meant that my time as a rally car driver had to be shelved.

Over the last 8 years, I have competed in many races, Trinidad, Tobago, Curacao, Barbados, USA, Peru, Equador, Panama and more. It was a very enjoyable time, I won some races, set some competitive times; as well as being defeated by attrition, being out driven, many of the things you encounter in competition. In these 8 years, I met some really awesome people, many of whom will always have a fond place in my memories (Mas grande putas- Alejandro, Ariel CohenEmiliano Robles Gomez Mont….)

But, the time has come to now shelve model car racing, walk into the closet of shelved hobbies/vices/addiction(you get the drift). My trek, into the closet has sent me dusting out the driver’s seat of a race car. Yup, in 2019, I will be in the driver’s seat again, but this time, it will be different.

In the past, I had built many Rally Cars, driven them, repaired them, upgraded them and all the fun things in the life of a racer. I did that for 17 years, those 17years of knowledge and experience have been invested in my current project- a full blown road race car, or as we call it in TnT, a “Circuit Car”.

In 2018, the gov’t of TnT gave the local motorsport body the opportunity to have sustainability in motorsport with a 35 year lease on the land the race track is located. This is a monumental milestone for motorsport in TnT, it also sparked my internal desire to get back in the seat of a car full time. Without delay, I got to researching chassis, gearboxes and engines that would be fast, affordable, available parts and fast to build.

In the end, and I have to say in the end, because other chassis were selected, BUT, life as it is presented challenges that contradicted the fundamental cornerstones of the build, I eventually committed to building a Honda EG5(bleh). Most of you who know me, know Honda is a brand of car I would not even rent, far less buy one. Again, this thing called life have a unique way of taking control of circumstances and directing you.

Ultimately, the EG5 was the easiest, fastest, and most affordable to configure in the state I wanted a race car, notwithstanding the mammoth support this platform garners, it was for a better word, “easy”. As the build got on the way, things fell into place that changed the direction & potential of the build. Good people who know me and got wind of what was happening wanted to be part of what was transpiring, this in turn attracted other sponsors, all of whom have been instrumental in what you see in the pictures.

Without the car even being driven, it was upgraded, the original base platform was transformed into a much more capable machine set to compete against only one thing, the clock…. This build went from “I” to us/we/the Team. Because we live on a small island, word gets around, but that does not mean many hands touched this car. The ONLY people who have been instrumental in this build and getting the car to it’s current state are Akeel Ali, Kester Johnson , Jason Jamason, Levi Jamason, Shamodeen Salim aka Sham, Rohan Singh, Neilson Washington & myself. These people are great people and we, together are a team, we might all be a bit goofy in our own ways(others more than others), but together, we all have skills, talents and knowledge that allow us to achieve any task we set about doing.


We will soon be testing the EG5, in hopes that we can generate significant grip and handling which will allow me to viciously attack the most tyrannical competitor known to all of mankind- The Clock. This attack would not be possible with out our sponsors.
I would like to warm heartily thank all our Trinidad based sponsors, 
Josar Limited - Blazers Hobby Limited - Package Taxi Limited - Ultimate Sports Tuning - Garage 4 - Stallion Fabrication - Rohan Singh Paint Works

A special thank you to our foreign sponsors for believing in our project and goals- Reinharte Racing Suspension - Renegade Racing Fuels - Hoosier Tire - SuperTech - Togue Factory - Sabelt USA & Cartek

Because the world is now a small place we had some guidance from several great people who have taken to our build, it will be unfair to go on without saying thank you to- Mike Lee, Jimmy Diggs ( formally Jackie Ding), Ben Rushworth, Brian Slames, Eric Kutil, Brian Hasty, Mikey Singhaseni, Gary Espinosa, Erik Krammer and Ricardo Varanda, thank you for your guidance during the build & see some of you in TnT really soon..

I will also like to thank my family for their patience during this build & my close friends for their support during this build, Barry McKenzie, Rudy Ramsawak, Petra Basdeo, Ricardo JordaoPaolo Morganti, Ashley Warrick, Kavita Gosine, Wendell Gill, Richard Williams, Lyndon Ramoutar & Brian Ramsey

2019, off the shelf and back into the driver’s seat for the first time in a dedicated purpose built road race car, gloves on, helmet on, anti lag on, let’s do this…………. Bench is back……….

Keeva Michael Seegobin EG6

Kester Johnson


Keeva Michael Seegobin

Second Generation Motorsports Enthusiast

The love for cars and speed was bred from the first generation Seego. However, Keeva didn't get a start into motorsport until later in life. In 2006 Keeva campaigned one of the infamous B13 stock cars in the group 1sp winning most races and the championship that year while still figuring out the car and course. most notably finishing 2nd overall in the Warriors Pride Endurance race. In 2007 with the closure of the Wallerfield Race track Keeva went to the Panoz race school in Sebring with the hopes of entering the Panoz series, however, it was discontinued that year. With circuit racing declining Keeva took to campaigning the Seego Sr's Toyota Corolla GT FX now turbocharged on the gravel and Tarmac Stages of Trinidad and Barbados. Fast forward a few years due to stepping away from competing to help with the administration of the sport. In 2106 with the Wallerfied International Raceway being opened 2 years prior, Team Daiman Racing acquired the form Group 2B championship winning car of 2005 from Mark Singh and set about with Tola's Engineering rebuilding the car to do battle in the new CMRC group 2. The decision to run a B series engine instead of the newer K series was not an easy one but the team felt with the engineering experience of race car setup the lower weight would favor the team.

After 2 years rebuilding the car, in March 2018 Keeva and the newly renamed Tiger returned to the asphalt of Wallerfield, competed and completed a full race card, with a best time of 46.0 sec with a mostly stock B18C type R.  

Benjamin Spann... REbuild

Kester Johnson

Benjamin Spann...

Who is this guy really? And how did you enter our lives, I am not 100% sure. Customer, Friend, Family or All. One thing is for sure. He is is very different from the norm. But before i start to stray, let get in to the project. 

Land Rover


Heavy Duty adjustable panhard rod
Polybush polyurethane bush kit right around
Light weight 3 degree Castor Correction radius arm
Cranked rear trailing arms
Heavy duty steering rods
Heavy Duty 2" lowered Twin shock absorber turrets
Heavy duty 5mm front/rear spring retention plates
Front/Rear dislocation cones
Rear shock absorber mount dropper
2" front lift spings on 2" spring spacers (4" total lift)
3" 460lb/inch rear lift springs
Extended bump stops
3" extended length rear shock absorbers
2"extended lenght front shock absorber
Rear double shock install


4.6L Range Rover H/C V8 EFI (S46D)
Hedman Hedders
Top hat liners
Stage 3 Pistons
Upgraded valves, lifters, rockers
Bosch Platinium +4 spark plugs
Roller Timing Chain Kit
Kent Competition Camshaft Kit
WALBRO high pressure fuel pump
Custom EFI regulated fuel rail
Davis Unified Ignition LiveWires
Dual Batteries
Ford Racing injectors
Aftermarket uprated coil pack W/ Haltech HPI4
Uprated Hi Torque starter motor
Split charge system
High volume oil pump with high pressure gears


Painless Wiring full body harness
SPECTRE performance air filter
SPECTRE performance top radiator
Aftermarket coolant overflow bottle
Oil catch can
Dual electric fans
Mishimoto engine oil cooler
Mishimoto transmission oil cooler

12,000lbs Winch
OEM spec tow bar
Custom built winch bumper
Custom built light bar
Quad Hella 4x6" roof mounted spot lamps
Quad Hella bumper mounted fog lamps
Porsche X-Pipe
2.50'' Exhaust piping
Dual Flowmaster exhaust barrels
Magnaflow exhaust tips
NRG Grounding kit


Custom Fiberglass bonnet
2'' Extended wheel arches
Reversed Discovery 16x7 Steel rims
265/75/16 Super Swamper IROK ND
Custom fiberglass snorkel


Haltech Elite 2500 standalone EMS
Haltech Racepak digital display dash
Haltech Dual Wideband Controller
BOSCH dual knock sensors
AEM oil pressure, water temp, oil temp, air temp, fuel pressure sensors

Don Ali EG boosted Drag Car (TunerOne TireShop)

Kester Johnson


Night drag on the January 27th 11.5 and 11.3 passes... no track bite and low boost...


We are getting ready for drags on the 27th February 2016 with the hopes of seeing a 10.99 or better. 

parts on the car are as follows:

  • Cp pistons 81.5mm 8.8 compression
  • Manley 1200 hp (I beam rods
  • stock casting GSR block
  • stock intake manifold
  • comp turbo cams(290 intake) (296 exhaust) ferrera - turbo valves standard size
  • cometic head gasket
  • comp titanium spring and retainerswith super tech valve seals
  • ETS 3"Intercooler, tial 38mm waste gate
  • black works racing T3 ramhorn manifold, Garrett gt3582 single scroll turbo
  • injector dynamics 2000 cc injectors
  • tial bov
  • rci fuel cell
  • auto meter Guages
  • hondata S300 v1
  • quaife LSD
  • complete ACT twin disc clutch kit rated at 460 ft lbs torque
  • hondata boost solenoid
  • arp main studs
  • arp head studs
  • arp rod bolts
  • supertech block guard
  • Bosch 044 high pressure fuel pump
  • vibrant Intercooler piping
  • Omni 4 bar map sensor


Don Ali, of TunerOne Tire Shop, came to us via Ronnie Ramdeo. The car a B18 on 18PSI, with a Hondata. When we first got the car, it was detuned, 12.5 PSI VTEC off and 7000 RPM. We had the car on the morning of that event and did a road tune and ran a 12.7. Today with car tuned on the dyno, low boost and hi boost on a hot motor.

Neil's FD2 K20 Stock...

Kester Johnson

Sometimes when one of your guys say they are going to sell the race car project to get something more "responsible", sometimes you don't mind. This baby has no mods other than what it came with... Need one more hr of dyno time for net-picking...

Kern Harripersad, Suzuki gsxr 1000

Kester Johnson

I don't know how to start this one, other than this is our first all out drag bike and there is more to come. We have done one other before, which was our first tune for a bike ever, before and well... for those that know Kern, wake up a morning a sell it. Note, he will not be selling this one...

There is nothing big or new here, stock motor with some bolt-ons with some quick pulls on the dyno... Best time to date: 10.06s

Very well done Bro.