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Keeva Michael Seegobin EG6

Kester Johnson


Keeva Michael Seegobin

Second Generation Motorsports Enthusiast

The love for cars and speed was bred from the first generation Seego. However, Keeva didn't get a start into motorsport until later in life. In 2006 Keeva campaigned one of the infamous B13 stock cars in the group 1sp winning most races and the championship that year while still figuring out the car and course. most notably finishing 2nd overall in the Warriors Pride Endurance race. In 2007 with the closure of the Wallerfield Race track Keeva went to the Panoz race school in Sebring with the hopes of entering the Panoz series, however, it was discontinued that year. With circuit racing declining Keeva took to campaigning the Seego Sr's Toyota Corolla GT FX now turbocharged on the gravel and Tarmac Stages of Trinidad and Barbados. Fast forward a few years due to stepping away from competing to help with the administration of the sport. In 2106 with the Wallerfied International Raceway being opened 2 years prior, Team Daiman Racing acquired the form Group 2B championship winning car of 2005 from Mark Singh and set about with Tola's Engineering rebuilding the car to do battle in the new CMRC group 2. The decision to run a B series engine instead of the newer K series was not an easy one but the team felt with the engineering experience of race car setup the lower weight would favor the team.

After 2 years rebuilding the car, in March 2018 Keeva and the newly renamed Tiger returned to the asphalt of Wallerfield, competed and completed a full race card, with a best time of 46.0 sec with a mostly stock B18C type R.