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Import Convention 2019 MK4 Supra 600HP Drifter Ken Gushi


Import Convention 2019 MK4 Supra 600HP Drifter Ken Gushi

Kester Johnson

Today is the 2nd of September and to be honest, i did not think i would be writing about a 600hp Supra 5 days ago.


Some quick history, we have

Devon Bartholomew a very good friend (you may know him): Drifter, Vlogger, Sales guys at Garage Fresh.

He bought the first MaxxECU we had, a MaxxECU Street. Now Devon is a very good friend and a great customer and the Supra is more than just his car so there is a lot of love in this car, so we have had the ecu in about over a year did a few drift events as we fix any issues that come up.

Now some 3 weeks ago he comes and tells me Ken Gushi is coming to use his car and we have a list of stuff to do plus a race gas tune. After getting some work done we headed to FineTuned Dyno Shop with some Renegade 116 Fuel. On the dyno the turbo would not go past 22psi and we were only at 471hp. Devon was clearly not happy with this so it was off to Garage Fresh for a new 6266 that was sitting and waiting. It was like Navin knew we would need it. Back to the dyno and we made 616. with some still on the table.

At this point, our fastest car is no longer a Honda and it made it so easily. This is now our first 600+hp car. Our goal at this point was just the keep the motor, owner and Ken happy and safe. This would also be the first drift event that we personally attended and a few points where learned.

And special thanks to kasey ramoutar, for the fuel delivery. :)

Devon we would like to thank you for trusting us with your baby and making our weekend a most eventful one. You have some great guys that support you and for every door that closes two will open. Walk with GOD.

I will email your invoice... :)